Blockchain is making enterprise growing fast

  • The Application On Blockchain We help you to building a application fast
  • SLU Payment We provide the payment
  • Asset Tokenization Developing token assets on the chain
  • Deaking Businesses College Huangpu military academy of block chain
  • finance & payments

    cultural & entertainment

    certificate tracing

    O2O retail

    Medical Unite

    energy management

    internet of things

    cloud computing

    internet security

    supply chain management

    shared economy

    real estate

    public welfare

    transparency government

    social welfare

    voting & detection

    crowdfunding & alliance

  • THE VALUE OF SLU 1. When you have SLU,you will have the stock-rights of deaking limited at the same time; 2. SLU can be exchanged in all the time,we hope you enjoy it; 3. A lot of apps will be built on SILUBIUM Chain and thety will have to cost some SLU as gas; 4. 4.SLU has been set a limit to 100 million and it will never be changed.

    COOPERATION OPPORTUNITIES Payment scenario application.

    MERCHANTS ADOPT THE VALUE OF SLU 1. Development Entrepreneurship team can use SLU for initial Public offering; 2. Global partners of the SLU could accept SLU to pay; 3. SLU has millions of members for providing valuable data support for businesses.

  • COOPERATION OPPORTUNITIES Development tokenization for project parties.

    WAYS OF COOPERATION Development of time:3 months. The first stage of token Development will be based on Ethereum and we will build the main chain when It’s listed on exchange and complete asset 1:1 matched with the early tokens in the next time.

  • Forum And Summit Excellent Knowledge Classes Actual Combat Training Camp Salon Meeting


Blockchain is making enterprise growing fast

The Public Blockchain Of SILUBIUM SILUBIUM is the fourth common chain system in the world which can be developed on independent load chain. Adhering to the concept of open sharing,we are committed to creating a block chain ecological win-win system. SILUBIUM has built the infrastructure of the blockchain based on the design principles of 'independent innovation, safe & efficient, open & sharing'. From 2018 , SILUBIUM will gradually develop the application of the blockchain. central technologies will be used in a variety of landing scenarios such as asset chains, information chains, etc. learn more >
Tokenization Of Asset The whole field of asset chain development, layout of the future market, to achieve global security, free circulation of assets. Effectively solve the bottleneck of enterprise development and the effectiveness of marketing activities. learn more >
Deaking Business College Deaking China has cooperated with the famous universities in Chongqing to establish a blockchain business college, which is committed to making professional technical training and industry innovation research for the blockchain industry and making contributions and achievements in technology research and development model innovation and application exploration. learn more >

News Reportslearn more >>


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